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About Jewish Odessa

Only 3% of Odessa’s one million population are Jewish. Approximately 30 thousand Jews live in Odessa today. Despite this remaining small fraction of Odessa’s once thriving Jewish population this city continues to be considered a Jewish city.

Migdal International Centre of Jewish Community Programs unites Jews of all ages (on the basis of the law of return) children from all Jewish and non-Jewish schools, young people from Jewish and non-Jewish higher education institutions, both religious and non-religious, middle-aged and toddlers (from their birth). Today Migdal operates over one hundred programmes in various spheres of Jewish life:

  • Jewish education and enlightenment,
  • Association of artistic groups (dance, vocal, music, theatre),
  • Athletic programmes (shaping, chess, dancing),
  • Souvenir Gallery – showroom of Jewish painting and decorative art,
  • “Migdal” publishing house (monthly journal “Migdal-Times”, methodological materials, scientific, artistic and historical literature)
  • Library with a collection of over ten thousand books, active educational programmes and an information centre,
  • Odessa Jewish Musical Theatre “Migdal-or” (Klesmer, Israeli and Yiddish programs, authors’ original dances, live music performances, colourful costumes and decorations); the theatre is a prize-winner of many international competitions and festivals and was recently awarded a certificate for the development of Jewish culture and traditions from the State of Maryland (USA).
  • The Jewish Student Club and the Jewish Family Club — active volunteers of the Migdal Centre,
  • Early Development Centre “Migdal Mazl Tov” — for families with children from birth to 6 years old and for pregnant women,

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Our Projects

Migdal International Society, Inc. provides support to:

  • I. Beiteinu Center of Jewish Children and Families at Risk that was formed for children who come from poor or incomplete families and are in serious need of socio-psychological support as well as the ones who were abandoned by parents suffering form various health and socioeconomic problems.
  • II. Jewish Museum “Shorashim” that consists of about 5,000 artifacts and is regularly expanded, which includes regular exhibitions and tours. It also houses international scientific conferences, cinema club of research and renewal of Jewish heritage…
  • III.Mazl Tov – Early childhood development centre, which aims to provide children with early education that contributes to their young brain development, good physical being, and prevents them from feeling unhappy and underprivileged.

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