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Jewish Community Center (JCC).

All patrons community center, regardless of age (but still in groups – 0 to 5, preschoolers, younger students, older students, students, parents), teachers offer the following range: a complex of Jewish subjects (the tradition, history, literature, Hebrew), Jewish art and d?cor (many for the first time and trying to find out about yourself!), amateur and professional dance and vocal groups (of course, Jewish), computer courses – from literacy classes to web-design. There in the center of theatrical studio for children and students, a music school for students, classes in Hebrew and English.

One of the directions of the center “Migdal” is familiarity with the peculiarities of Jewish dance and teaching him.
Training takes place in a Jewish dance Migdal’s dance, but dance workshops for professionals and for everyone, “Jewish discos, holidays, family camps, field trips provide an opportunity to learn Shabbat basics of Jewish dance, even those who do not attend special classes .

In addition, performances of dance concerts, as in the walls of the “Migdal”, and in urban scenes (and touring) give viewers the opportunity to get acquainted with the Jewish dance culture.

Each of the groups differ not only in age of participants and tasks that are preoccupied with their leaders, but also has its creative person.
The principle of recruitment into groups – the same as in all the programs the community center – the desire to learn.

Sunday range of Jewish subjects is required for all other programs – by choice. However, the complex is not bound by the Sunday deters our visitors – all programs are working high-class professionals and even serious subjects are able to submit interesting and nontrivial.

Jewish Student Club (JSC) and the Club “Jewish family” lived such interesting lives, that their “entrenched” parties seem to get back less than in the “Tower”.

Joint celebration of Jewish holidays and anniversaries of center visitors, visiting Shabbat – a good opportunity and have fun together, and join the Jewish tradition.

Club “Jewish family”

is an integral and very significant part of the community center. It brings together people of different ages. Basically, from 25 to 45 years. Their children, again, “indeterminate” age, participate in various programs of the Center.
Educational Complex gives everyone the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of Jewish history, traditions, literature, music, dance, arts and crafts and much, much more.
The main objective of the club, what would the Jewish families do not just come in “Migdal” something to listen to or watch, but that they felt the Jewish community of their own. And so, every year more people are involved in the project “Community: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

The project is implemented and developed in several directions:

* Madrih-time, training, constant work with the group, its unity.
* Theoretical course: what is the community, the Jewish view of the community, analysis of the current situation, develop new community projects.
* Practical work: participation in community projects and develop their own projects. Club members have the opportunity to realize themselves in various spheres of community activities: lectures and advice, leisure activities, programs for children and adults, and much more. They – a powerful driving force of the community, its invaluable potential, consisting of professionals and talents in various fields.

And, of course, they offered different programs:

* Aerobics
* “Course computer user”;
* “School of Jewish Art”;
* Debating club and meet interesting people;
* Jewish and center holidays and with writing, music and dance adventure;
* Expedition to the Jewish communities, seminars, conferences;
* Festivals and concerts;

This list changes, added, expanding constantly, depending on the needs of our members.

Jewish Student Club,

as part of a vast structure as an international community center “Migdal”, also and is part of the Jewish community of Odessa. Young people today – future rather young and rapidly growing community, and on how much Jewish, it will depend the prosperity and a happy life is older, and as younger generations. JSC and was created for those who want to become part of big, noisy, cheerful and above all – a Jewish family.

Why do people come to JSC? Conduct an interesting time, to feel their Jewishness, to learn the traditions, history, culture
and literature of his people. Years of experience of community center
lets give the young man replied that, as – to be a Jew, and JSC making its important contribution. Sunday complex class kesovtsy visit with pleasure: one can choose a subject like. All of this offer
professional teachers “Migdal”.

But the participation in community life is not limited to – JSC actively helping the rest of the Community Center. Each of the students in their future professional area, and has much to offer the community.

Students have the unique opportunity to: acquire new knowledge and to give their knowledge to others. Many of the participants of the club together and learn and work, but also try to actively participate in all endeavors of the club.

Migdal’s library

the place from which for many begins the “Tower”: people just come for the desired book, newspaper, magazine, and gradually “articulate” (or led grandchildren, children, friends) in the community center. When, in 1991 in “Migdal” has opened its doors to the library, many started the first real introduction to Jewish life and Jewish knowledge, and it is in the library shelves, many Jews in Odessa set off under the title “Long Way Home.” Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Shulchan Aruch – these publications pulsating power of Jewish thought and the rustling pages of Jewish history.

Today the library has become a cultural and information center for many readers – visitors and participants of the center’s programs, community members and city residents. Annually for its services more than 600 readers. This – employees of Jewish Organizations in Odessa, professors, researchers, students and schoolchildren. During its existence, the library gathered a decent amount of local literature and books that reflect the flavor and history of the city of Odessa in the works of writers and poets. This so-called section “Odessika” in which any connoisseur of history and culture of Odessa can “dig up” the information he needs.

Regional methodical center.

Activity “Migdal” as methodical center extends to the South Ukrainian region. This means that the center has to do with all that happens in the Jewish communities of our neighbors: first, – interesting, secondly, – the specialists can really help – after all many years of experience. Training seminars, conferences, manuals, audio and video – it is demanded range.

Methodological assistance center provides in Odessa: the teachers of Art, Jewish dance and vocal conduct optional classes in Jewish schools in the city.

Chairman of the Center “Migdal”, artistic director OJMT “Migdal-or” – Kira Verkhovskaya.

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