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Migdal International Society, Inc. provides support to:



I. Beiteinu Center of Jewish Children and Families at Risk that was formed for children who come from poor or incomplete families and are in serious need of socio-psychological support as well as the ones who were abandoned by parents suffering form various health and socioeconomic problems.


II. The Odessa Jewish Museum that consists of about 5,000 artifacts and is regularly expanded, which includes regular exhibitions and tours. It also houses international scientific conferences, cinema club of research and renewal of Jewish heritage.


III.Mazl Tov – Early childhood development centre, which aims to provide children with early education that contributes to their young brain development, good physical being, and prevents them from feeling unhappy and underprivileged.




IV. The Odessa Jewish Community Theatre «Migdal-or», which performed worldwide and was visited by hundreds of thousands of people in the USA, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, and other countries. “Migdal Or” is a major cultural institution aimed at preservation, enrichment, and renewal of Jewish heritage.

V. “Migdal Times” – Jewish Magazine, which is read by thousands people worldwide. Web version of “Migdal Times” generated over 150,000 responses only for the past year.


VI.Migdal International Center for Jewish Community Programs numerous services to the Jewish Community of Odessa as well as cultural and educational exchange with Jewish Communities worldwide through exhibits, seminars, conferences, cultural and historic tours, student exchanges, camps and other programs. So far we conducted exchange programs with our colleagues from Israel, America, Austria and Germany.


VI. Migdal International Society, Inc. will support all new future programs and projects, if it will be determined that they are mission critical.


We believe that if one wants to see change in this world one has to be that change.   Migdal International Society, Inc. works closely with private foundations, associations, individuals and groups to implement its fund raising and business development strategy to serve its mission and achieve its main objective.  We are grateful to all our donors, sponsors and contributors on all levels. All contributions are tax deductible.

Yours charities spend 99 cents or more of every dollar you send them on program and just one cent or less on fundraising and administration.

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