Old Odessa yards

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Old Odessa courtyards keep main secrets of Odessa flavor. Want to join us in learning them?

During the tour you will be able to look at the most unusual Odessa neighborhoods: yards of so famous Odessa Moldavanka, with numerous wooden galleries; courtyards with a through-passage, in which criminals have moved away from Odessa police; yards that are marked with elements of Odessa “yard sculpture” in which the famous monuments of Odessa individuals are placed – well, where else can you find a monument to the inventor of Esperanto?
You will visit and elegant courtyards of Odessa: Palais-Royal (Odessa is a small Paris), the Odessa Philharmonic Italian courtyard, yard of Art, and, of course, the courtyard of a literary museum – a sculpture garden, which houses many great monuments presented to the city by famous Odessa sculptors. 

Odessa courtyards – sometimes grandiose, sometimes touchingly simple, those living their lives with the problems, quarrels, weddings and birthdays celebrated together, sometimes with the monuments, copies of Greek sculptures, wall paintings and inscriptions.  Yards that can’t be pictured without lots of children, cats and rumors. 

Old Odessa yards … Many songs are sung about them, many poems are written and countless anecdotes appeared. But it’s always better to see by yourself than to hear many times.

Odessa flavor is invincible!


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