Odessa Catacombs

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Not just Odessa itself but its surroundings are also strikingly beautiful! Riding past small villages, farms, beautiful orchards and vineyards is already a great experience but that is just a start of the tour.   

Uniqueness of Odessa is indescribable.  As its beauty can obviously be seen on the ground not everyone knows about beautiful part of underground Odessa beneath the city.  This mysterious underground town, an enormous network of man-made caves is also known as catacombs.  The total length of this network is about 3000km, it has 6 layers but we’ll not explore all of them.

Odessa Catacombs are full of mysteries and were home to smugglers and World War II partisans.  On our tour you will see their weapons, rooms, utensils that are genuine and were found right after the war, right there. Interesting stories and anecdotes about smugglers living there, catacomb founders and Soviet freedom fighters – that’s what you’ll hear in the Catacombs. 

But when following the guide you will get back to the ground from the network of caves, you will find yourselves in a small village, originally a Cossack’s military town.

You can be sure of new emotions and will invite your friends to see Odessa Catacombs!

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